Principles of Commercial Kitchen Design

Principles of Commercial Kitchen Design

A poorly designed restaurant kitchen can cause chaos and may even cause accidents. As a result, when starting a new restaurant or re-designing your existing business, you should think through your kitchen design carefully. In this article we’ll cover what to consider before you design your commercial kitchen’s layout, how to optimize your work flow, and the six principles of kitchen design. […]

Hot Commercial Kitchen Design

Whether you’re opening your first restaurant,  second restaurant, or renovating an existing restaurant, an efficient restaurant kitchen design should be high on your list of priorities. The kitchen is where the heart and soul of your restaurant is talk of the food, and the staff that create it. Commercial kitchens with layouts that are elegant, including all of the restaurant equipment […]

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Tornado Stainless Steel Fabricators provide a complete commercial kitchen design, fabrication, and supply and installation services for a number of establishments including restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools. Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide a professional kitchen for any budget. We design and install kitchens to go in line with current legislation’s helping to ensure your working environment applies […]